COCARD is a new way of helping improve health in developing countries focused on self help, free apps and free health records.

For most people (and hopefully all inidividuals and families we are hoping to make it free. For heavy business users e.g. private hospitals, expat premium services etc there will be a small fee to subsidise the other users which will hopefully be offset by the productivity benefits they get from their population of customers being online and using self service channels.

You can read the original announcement here.

You can read more about the needs in our initial market (Myanmar is ranked 190th out of 190 countries for health systems) here.

You can read more about the family/ecosystems of apps we are developing here.

Because we are aiming globally app naming will probably vary from country to country and culture to culture.

We are also trying to move fast to help as many people as possible as fast as possible so there are parallel streams of work being done by volunteers in different places.

CoCard is also known by a series of similar names (Koko, Ako, Coco, AllKo, etc) as there are multiple streams of work with different interconnected apps serving individuals, clinics, hospitals, independent health professionals, doctors, nurses, specialists, advisors, tele-health, education, messaging, talk, video, webRTC, ehealth, health records, electronic medical records etc.

Please don’t use our materials or logos without asking first.

Please do volunteer and download and share 🙂



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